The three biggest tips I can give are: breathe, relax and have fun! Skydiving and tunnel flying are expensive. Make sure you're enjoying them!

Freefly Tips

  • Keep the group size small and be honest about your skill level. Everyone wants to jump with their friends, but a large freefly group with inexperienced skydivers will have a difficult time getting together and can be dangerous. Learn how to fall straight down and control your movement in solos, 2ways or coached jumps before moving on to larger formations.
  • Freeflying is the ability to fly on all axes, including your belly.

Belly Tips

  • Learn to fly your slot and be light on grips. You should be able to fly comfortably in your slot without any grips before picking up grips. If you need to take grips to stay where you are, you're not really flying your slot.

Tunnel Tips

  • Take your time and really learn each step in the progression. It's tempting to skip ahead as fast as you can to get to headdown, but this will actually hurt you in the long run. Eventually you'll have to come back to learn what you skipped. Think of it like a pyramid - the larger the base, the taller it can be built.

Team Tips

  • The idea of a team isn't to tell your teammates that your way is right. The idea is to fully support everyone's ideas and the right way (for your team) will come out. Listen to everyone else's ideas and support them just as you would want them to support your ideas.
  • Communication is key! All talks about the team should involve everyone on the team so everyone is on the same page.
  • Come up with a team plan. How do you prepare a jump? How do you debrief the jump? Get all the details worked out ahead of time so you can focus on the part that's fun - the skydive!