I am available for coaching and organizing belly and freefly in both the tunnel and the sky. My main focuses in all of this are safety and pushing you to learn as much as you can.

Tunnel Coaching

  • All tunnel coaching includes a full brief before the flight session starts, in tunnel coaching and video debrief after the session.
  • I can coach for one or multiple sessions in a day.
  • I coach the full tunnel progression - everything from zero tunnel experience through advanced belly flying and advanced head down. I also coach 4way/8way FS and 4way VFS.
  • For optimum learning I recommend multiple flight sessions in one day. This enables us to fly, watch the video and then immediately apply the information from the debrief.

Tunnel Camps

I schedule several tunnel camps throughout the year at various wind tunnels. See my Calendar for a list of upcoming camps. Feel free to contact me to arrange a tunnel camp.

There are many benefits to attending a tunnel camp including:

  • Multiple days of flying and multiple flight sessions each day. This enables optimal learning since you can immediately apply what you learn.
  • Flight sessions are spaced to allow enough time so you don't get too tired.
  • You are there with a group of people so you get to see other people progressing and sit in on their debriefs.
  • Group flying - this means more flight time for the same amount of money.

Skydive Coaching

  • All coach jumps are recorded on video. You get a full brief before each jump, in air coaching and a video debrief.
  • All aspects of the jump will be discussed including exit, body position, flight skills, breakoff, deployment and canopy.
  • We will plan a canopy flight plan as appropriate.
  • We will talk through various safety issues associated with different skill sets.

Team Coaching

  • I can coach 4way FS, 8way FS, 4way VFS and 3way Artistic.
  • Coaching can be done from the ground (brief and prepare the jump on the ground, go over the video after) or as part of the team in the air (with me filling a slot on the team.)


  • I can organize a single disciple or cover multiple disciplines.
  • Keep jumps safe, fun and challenging for people of different skill levels.
  • Try to involve as many jumpers as I can so no one feels left out.
  • I cover issues for the group I am organizing as well as the rest of the load: exit order, time between groups, freefall safety, feefall separation, canopy safety and landing advice.
  • Keep people jumping all day.
  • Adjust group size to work with the dropzone to fill loads and keep the planes running.
  • Help out with general event details and keep everything running smoothly.


  • I am a USPA AFF instructor.
  • I can take you on your first jump with the option of adding wind tunnel time into the program.
  • Customized AFF progam to suit your needs.
  • Utilize the latest techniques and safety procedures to keep everything safe and keep you progressing.